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6 Important Statistics for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace refers to the umbrella term for programs and strategies that allows companies to carry out initiatives to foster a culture of belonging and respect for every one of their employees.

While DEI practices in organizations have become more mainstream in recent years, progress has still been slow. However, it is proven that organizations that prioritize DEI in their workplace will see the return on the investment.

Below are 6 statistics to keep in mind when considering investing in DEI training.

Of the 87 million millennials in the US, only 56% are white, compared to the 76 million members of the baby boomer generation, 75% of which were white.

These generations are the most diverse in history and are seeking workplaces where they will feel respected and feel the company is making an effort. In addition, 83% of millennials

When considering a workplace, 67% of job seekers consider diversity an important factor

Individuals are searching for companies willing to invest in DEI strategies.

More than 50% of current employees want their workplace to do more to increase diversity.

Retaining good talent means doing more for DEI in the workplace.

Companies with executives made up of more than 30% women are 48% more likely to outperform companies with less gender diversity.

However, only 5% of companies are run by women. The moral of the story is that investing in women is worth it.

Companies in the top quartile for being ethically and culturally diverse are 36% more profitable than those in the bottom quartile

Creating a DEI focused company is good for the bottom line.

The impact of inclusion in the workplace resulted in a 50% lower risk of turnover and 56% increase in job performance

Not only will investing in DEI initiatives help attract and retain talent, it will also help them stay motivated in their work each day.

Diversity, equity and inclusion should be a top priority for companies. From improving the bottom line to retaining top employees, investing in DEI training will not only create a competitive advantage for the company but will also contribute to employee satisfaction and company innovation.

Learn how Peek Institute is helping organizations foster a company culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

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