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Peek Institute Announces Free, Virtual Leadership Success Series

Peek Institute, a professional development training company that offers DEI, Life Coaching, and Leadership training, announced today its new Leadership Success Series.

The series, which is 100% virtual and free of charge, gives valuable insights and tips to leaders looking to make an impactful change in their workplace. Each session is 30 minutes. Attendees are encouraged to attend as many sessions as they’d like depending on their personal or professional goals.

“From newcomers to seasoned professionals, these sessions are meant for anyone looking to take their career to the next level,” said Dr. Peek-Longmire, founder of Peek Institute. “Our goal is that attendees will come out of these sessions with actionable takeaways that they can bring back to their everyday work life, and ultimately make it a more inclusive environment and positive experience for all.”

Session topics include:

  • Tips for Managing the “Messy Middle” - Wednesday, April 12 , 9 a.m. EST

  • Solutions for Driving Strategy for Female Leaders - Thursday, April 20 at noon

  • 5 Ways to Bring Equity to the Workforce - Wednesday, April 26 at 3 p.m. EST

For more information and to sign up, visit the registration page here.

Register for Wednesday, April 12th at 9AM EST - Click Here

Register for Thursday, April 20th at NOON EST - Click Here

Register for Wednesday, April 26th at 3PM EST - Click Here

About Peek Institute

Founded by Dr. Peek-Longmire, a conference speaker, author, certified coach and trainer, Peek Institute’s mission is to improve the quality of participants’ lives while bringing intelligent solutions to organizations that meet the challenges of today. Peek Institute specializes in coaching, diversity, workplace development and leadership and has worked with several notable organizations including Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), Chase Bank, YMCA Akron and many other entities.


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